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Picture-Perfect Kids Lunch: Little House on Snow Pea Lane

I have quite a collection of pictures my kids have drawn for me. Most of them include stick figures of our family, little blobs of color to represent our pets, and then, of course, there are innumerable pictures of our home, which inspired this lunch. I guess there’s a certain appeal for kids to want to draw straight lines, windows, grass and a smiling sun — over and over and over again.


What You’ll Need:
8–10 snow peas
1 sandwich (your choice)
yellow cheese (such as cheddar) and white cheese (such as Swiss)
lunch meat


To Make Little House on Snow Pea Lane:
Make any sandwich you would like and cut it into pieces to make the house. Cut yellow cheese into shapes for the door, sun and rays, and the white cheese into shapes for the windows and the sun’s smiley face. Cut small strips of lunch meat for the window panes and a smaller circle for the door knob. Place snow peas on the bottom part of the plate for the grass. Assemble the rest as shown.





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