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Cackling Kids Lunch: SandWitch

We’ve got the house decorated for Halloween, and looking at the creepy spiders, glittery pumpkins, black crows, and cloth-draped mirrors every day has really gotten me into the Halloween spirit. So much so that it inspired this week’s “SandWitch”! Brew up some ghoolish fun with this spooktacular lunch!


What You’ll Need:

1 sandwich (your choice)
cheese cracker


To Make SandWitch:
Cut the sandwich into the shape of a witch’s hat as shown. Cut the crust off the remainder of the sandwich and roll up for the hair. Cut a thick slice of cucumber for the face, trim the top flat, and arrange as shown, with flat side of cucumber touching the bottom of the hat. Cut a strip of cucumber peel for the belt on the hat, and use a cheese cracker for the buckle. Use a small lid to cut out circles of cheese for the eyes. Use a strong plastic straw to cut out tiny circles of cucumber peel for the pupils.


Eat, drink and be scary!




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