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Purr-fect Kids Lunch: Green-Eyed Kitty

Our kitty, creatively named Kittie-Pie, isn’t a fan of our new family member, which happens to be a fluffy puppy! She’s convinced our home is now a house of horrors, and she can’t seem to escape the madness! Tolerance isn’t her thing — and neither is facing her fears apparently. She just runs away. It makes us laugh. Well, in honor of her, I created a wide-eyed kitty!


What You’ll Need:
1 sandwich (your choice)
2 kiwi slices


To Make Green-Eyed Kitty:
Using a cup or round cookie-cutter, cut a circle out of the center of the sandwich. Use crust corners for the ears. Put kiwi slices in place for the eyes. Cut a banana slice in half and use the halves for the inner ears. Shape another slice of banana into a nose. Thinly slice crust and put in place for the whiskers.


So simple. So cute.



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