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Varsity Kids Lunch: Football Quesadilla

Not sure if you know, but it’s football season! (Cue the thumping music.) I honestly could care less — but apparently there are some big fans out there! My hubby is trying his best to turn our girls into fans, but it’s not working out so swift.


One thing I do love about football season, though, is that it let’s everyone know that fall is right around the corner, and I must say, I can hardly wait. I just adore fall. So to get into the spirit of those crisp game days, I whipped up this simple and tasty football quesadilla.


What You’ll Need:

shredded cheese
refried beans


To Make Football Quesadilla:
Cut a football shape out of 2 tortillas. Spread refried beans on top of one of the football-shaped tortillas. Warm a skillet over medium heat. Place the plain football-shaped tortilla into the skillet and sprinkle with shredded cheese. Gently place the tortilla with refried beans on top of cheese, with the bean-side facing up. Cover with a lid and cook until the cheese melts. While you’re waiting, cut strips out of the tortilla remnants for the laces and stripes. Once the cheese has melted, removed quesadilla from skillet. Arrange the tortilla strips on top into laces and stripes as shown.




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