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Campy Kids Dinner: Hot Dog Canoe

The end of school is just around the corner, and you know what that means: summer camp! And what’s one thing you think of when you think of summer camp (other than campfire songs, s’mores, and mosquitoes)? Canoes!


It just seems a particular right of passage that kids should don life jackets and set out in a mini-armada of canoes so they can … what? I don’t know. But I remember how much fun it was to be out on the open water, and peaceful, too. When you combine the fun of canoeing with another summertime staple — grilling — you get the kind of fun meal that’ll inspire all sorts of camp stories!




What You’ll Need:
1 hot dog
1 hot dog bun
5–6 broccoli florets
1/3 c. blueberries
1 pretzel stick
1 baby carrot


To Make Hot Dog Canoe:
Cut a grilled (or cooked) hot dog in half and set aside to cool. Place hot dog bun in middle of plate. Arrange steamed or raw broccoli toward edge of plate. Arrange blueberries on plate to create a river. Add whatever condiments you would like in the bun. Use a toothpick to draw mustard faces on the hot dog halves. Place hot dog halves upright on either end of the bun. Place a pretzel stick against the bun for the paddle. Cut a small piece of carrot for an arm holding the paddle.



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