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Cozy Kids Dinner: Chili Panda

When it’s cold outside, people generally turn towards hot comfort food — and nothing quite comforts like a hot bowl of your favorite chili (a roaring fire in the fireplace, fuzzy slippers and an oversized sweater on a cold winter night helps, too!)


Inspired by last year’s chili penguin, this adorable panda is the epitome of cozy and cuddly, and it’s super simple to make. Perfect for any age!


What You’ll Need:
sliced white cheese (such as mozzarella, provolone or muenster)


To Make Chili Panda:
Use a cup to cut a circle out of a slice of white cheese. Take a sharp knife and cut holes in the circle-shaped cheese for the eyes and nose. Cut rounded strips for the ears. Use a straw to cut out the dots for the eyes. (I push a strand of dried spaghetti through the straw to get the cheese dots out.) Ladle warm chili into a bowl. Arrange the cheese as shown. Serve warm.




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