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4th of July Kids Dinner: Patriotic Pasta!

I’ve been coloring pasta for my girls for awhile now. It just dawned on me that perhaps I should share this easy way to make dinnertime fun with you!


My girls had a sleepover last night, and I made pasta with alfredo sauce and garlic bread, which is super simple and always a hit with the kids. As usual, I lined up the food colors and had each girl choose which color they wanted. Of course they gravitated towards the fun neons — purple, pink and blue. One girl loved it so much, she called her mom to tell her she had blue noodles for dinner! Well, in honor of the 4th of July and America, I present to you, Patriotic Pasta!


What You’ll Need:
angel hair pasta (cooked according to package)
alfredo sauce (jar or your favorite recipe)
red and blue food coloring



To Make Patriotic Pasta:
Scoop a third of the cooked pasta into a small bowl and a third into another small bowl, reserving the final third. Add a couple drops of blue food coloring into one bowl, and a couple drops of red food coloring into the other bowl. Mix well. Arrange colored pasta onto a plate as shown, using reserved pasta for the white. Spoon sauce over pasta and serve warm.


Happy 4th of July!




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