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Toasty Kids Breakfast: Bundled Up Bagel

Standing at the bus stop all bundled up on these cold mornings isn’t my favorite way to start the day, but seeing the kids with their oversized coats, hats and rosy cheeks makes up for some of the discomfort. Whip up this fun seasonal treat for breakfast or as an afternoon snack on a chilly day.


What You’ll Need:
1 bagel
cream cheese (regular and strawberry)
2 blueberries
1 marshmallow


To Make Bundled Up Bagel:
Generously spread cream cheese on one side of the bagel. Cut the other side of the bagel into the shape of the hat and put in place. Put two blueberries in place for the eyes. Take a knife and draw a smile into the cream cheese. Use dollops of strawberry cream cheese for the rosy cheeks. Put the marshmallow in place for the pom-pom on the hat.


Stay warm!




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