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Kale — Super Healthy, Super Good: Cook Once, Eat Twice

Kale Recipes: Cook Once, Eat TwiceDid you know that one bunch of kale is loaded with a ton of nutrients? Rich in calcium and beta-carotene, researchers says this powerhouse leafy green even has properties to help fight cancer.


But here’s the only downside: The most common variety of the vegetable is curly kale, which can be really tough. (Yes, you will need to simmer it in water first to tenderize the fibrous leaves.) Washing and parboiling the tough greens isn’t much fun. But, like me, if you do it the first night for a delicious Shrimp and Kale dish, you’ll have plenty left over to dress up a BLT — for a healthy lunch the next day with kale instead of lettuce.


As always, remember to make a double batch the first night. I like to drizzle a little vinegar onto the kale after parboiling, just to add a kick of southern flavor. And, while you’re enjoying your BLT the next day, just think of all the health benefits you’ve racked up the night before.


Day One (dinner): Adding kale to shrimp and polenta — a little twist on shrimp and grits — is my favorite way to add depth and texture to the dish. You’ll see how well it works in this recipe for Shrimp and Kale over Garlic Roasted Polenta (and never make it any other way again!).


Day Two (Lunch): #2: Since it’s back to school time, new quick and easy brown bag lunch menus, like this one for a BLT & More, are a great idea. Bacon and Kale are a winning combination, anyway, and since my healthy kale is already made, putting this sandwich together is easy.




Try each and every one of these great kale recipes!






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