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10 Magnifico Italian Beef Recipes



It’s hard to resist the siren song of beef—its deep, earthy flavor is uniquely satisfying, and its boldness is utilized in cuisines across the globe, from Chinese stir-fries to Hungarian goulash. But Italian flavors pair particularly well with beef, as evidenced by the wide variety of recipes we’ve collected below. How many are included in your family’s weekly menus? Most likely, quite a few.


Having a casual get-together? Throw some beef and Italian dressing mix into the slow cooker and you’ll have divine sandwiches when mealtime rolls around. Looking for a weeknight meal that’s off the beaten path? How about an Italian beef stir-fry made with colorful bell peppers and tender strips of sirloin? Sunday supper? Say no more: classic Italian meatballs will have your family clamoring for seconds (and maybe thirds!). No matter which recipe you choose, you’ll be reminded that garlic, basil, oregano, plus beef is always a winning combination.




Italian Pepper-Steak Stir-FryExplore all our Italian recipes, from appetizers to desserts!



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