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Ice Cream Cocktails to Float Your Boat

Food NewsYeah, we keep hearing how popular frozen ice pops are this summer. And you’d pretty much have to be crazy to turn down a Dairy Queen Blizzard, an orange creamsicle, or a good old-fashioned ice cream sandwich when the temps start soaring. But a root beer float that’s been spiked with alcohol? Oh, sweet relief, we have found true love in a frosty glass.


The New York Post reports that bars and restaurants are now serving up the delicious drink — cocktail style.


“Floats are always awesome for the summer,” Katzie Guy-Hamilton, the executive pastry chef at New York Central, tells the newspaper. On the menu at her restaurant, you’ll find Peaches and Cream “Floats Away,” a $10 glass of homemade cream soda, topped with — get this — peach gelato, honey ginger syrup, and champagne granita. “It’s peachy, it’s creamy, it’s fun and it’s worthy of being a dessert,” she tells the newspaper.


Salivating yet? Maybe the Beer Float at Jacob’s Pickles in New York will, uh, float your boat. The Post reports that this $12 treat (no, we aren’t making this up) pairs vanilla ice cream with Keegan Mother’s Milk, a domestic stout with a chocolate vibe.


Beer lovers will also want to get a load of the Espresso Stout Float at the New York Palace Hotel: “Three scoops of cinnamon gelato mix with crunchy bits of chocolate-covered graham crackers, white chocolate hazelnut meringue cookies, plus tiny cubes of espresso gelée, not to mention shards of milk chocolate that are embedded with Pop Rocks,“ the Post reports. And that’s before the stout gets poured onto the float tableside. (Weren’t making that up, either!)


If there is a better way to spend $14, we haven’t heard of it yet.




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