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How to Tailgate: The Best Breakfast Burrito, Wrap & Sub Recipes

how to tailgateEarly kick-offs create a culinary dilemma for tailgaters: what to eat? You need something much more filling than a breakfast bar or a bowl of cereal to make it through the game, but pancakes, eggs and bacon are simply not feasible parking-lot fare. Breakfast burritos, wraps and subs are the perfect solution to this pre-game conundrum.


They’re incredibly easy to transport: you can make them at home, then bring them to the tailgate party in insulated containers or reheat them on a grill. And they’re just as easy to eat (look ma, no utensils!).


From an aptly named Touchdown Tortilla Wrap to a hearty breakfast burrito that’s sure to keep you satisfied even if the game goes into overtime, these recipes are all perfect choices for an early tailgate celebration. Serve these with a hot thermos full of coffee or cocoa, and you and your fellow fans will be ready for the big game!




Breakfast Burritos

how to tailgate

This breakfast burrito is loaded with filling and delicious ingredients. Eggs, sausage, bacon and cheese combine for a tasty and hearty handheld meal.





how to tailgate

Just as easy to prepare as they are to enjoy, these breakfast sandwiches take only 15 minutes of prep time. They can be baked in advance and reheated before serving.




Touchdown Tortilla Wraps

how to tailgate

The name says it all; these wraps were made for tailgate parties. Roast beef, basil and sweet-and-smoky roasted red pepper are a delicious flavor combination in these filling wraps.




Tote-and-Slice Loaf Sandwich

how to tailgate

This classic sub sandwich, or hoagie, is full of flavor and easy to eat on the go. Basil pesto, dried tomatoes and banana pepper add extra complexity.




Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

how to tailgate

You don’t have to be a fan of Pennsylvania teams to enjoy these hearty, warm sandwiches. These are a perfect choice to make ahead and reheat when you’re ready to serve.




Crunch Time Veggie Wrap

how to tailgate

Tailgating food doesn’t have to be unhealthy, as these crisp and tasty wraps prove. Fresh veggies and salty feta cheese are a delicious combination and perfect for a mid-morning meal. If you want to up the protein quotient, why not add a smear of hummus?




Southwestern Egg and Bean Wraps

how to tailgate

This Mexican-inspired wrap is an ideal brunch-on-the-go. Serve it with a garnish of spicy salsa or hot sauce, and your tailgating party will be completely satisfied!




What’s your favorite tailgating food?

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