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TGIF! Classic Manhattan Cocktail: A Good Drink (& a Bad Joke)

how to make manhattan cocktailCandy cane martinis? Green Grinch midori cocktails? That all may be fine if you’re going for a Animal House-meets-Christmas Vacation sort of holiday theme. As for us, we’re in the mood for a little glamour, of the Hollywood-in-the-1940s sort.


True, there’s nothing overtly “Christmas-y” about a classic Manhattan. But one decorous sip of that timeless combo of good bourbon and sweet vermouth (shaken with a dash of bitters), and you feel all warm and fireplace-cozy inside. Whether you decide to put Bing Crosby on the turntable is entirely up to you.


And now for our special TGIF bad joke, which we provide as a public service of sorts. Remember, when you think the joke is funny, it’s time to put the liquor away:


Q: What do you get when you cross a sheep and a bee?

A: A bah-humbug.


Merry Christmas everyone!




Watch our how to make a Manhattan video!



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