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How to Keep Eggs Fresh: Smart Storage

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Most eggs you buy are remarkably fresh. Seriously. Often eggs in the supermarket are a few days old at most. That said, once eggs have been refrigerated, they must stay refrigerated.


What? The very idea of not refrigerating eggs never occurred to you? You’re not alone. Yet fresh eggs are commonly not chilled in many countries to little ill effect — and much improved flavor and texture (an egg fries much more evenly if it isn’t ice cold when it hits the hot pan).


If you find eggs that are delivered fresh and haven’t yet been refrigerated, you can keep them on a counter for up to a week in a temperate kitchen. Just be sure not to wash them until you’re going to use them — any dirt and grime they have on the shells aside, the porous shells have a natural protective element (called “bloom”) that helps shield the egg. Washing fresh eggs, despite all instinct, actually helps draw bacteria into the egg!


Since most people don’t have access to super-fresh farm eggs that can be left out, the short answer to “how do I store eggs?” is in the fridge. Not in the door, not in those silly “egg” compartments in the fridge door, but in the carton in which you bought them, on a shelf in the fridge where it stays nice and cold.


Like dairy products, eggs can last well past their so-called “expiration date,” especially when stored in a truly well-chilled spot. In most normal household refrigerators, eggs should last a week past the date stamped on the carton. (For more about why “expiration” dates aren’t really expiration dates, click here.)


You can freeze eggs, either the yolks and whites together or separated. Simple crack them into freezer-safe containers, label them, and freeze for up to six months. Thaw in the fridge (not on the counter) before using.




Did you know the average American family of four throws away between $1,350 and $2,275 worth of food every year? Keep your groceries fresher, longer — and stretch your grocery dollars!


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4 Responses to “How to Keep Eggs Fresh: Smart Storage”

  • Camellia says:

    Would anyone who has been a part on the program from the beginning mind sending me copies of your prior letters? I’m signed up now but unfortunately did not hear of this until now. Many, many thanks in advance.

  • Mary Fitzpatrick says:

    I flip my carton of eggs daily; this purges the air bubble gap at the inside top of each egg. Makes them “behave” better when cooking or baking and will keep them fresh longer.

  • Cliff Quimby says:

    When I was growing up in the early 1930′s my folks did not have refrigeration, so to preserve fresh eggs , they were put into a large glass jar containing what , at that time, was called “waterglass”and stored in our ground cellar..
    we never had spoiled eggs!

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