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How To Coupon: Getting the Rock-Bottom Price

how to coupon


Coupon bloggers frequently post excitedly that something is available at a “stock-up” price. This means that the item is at the lowest price it ever drops to (usually every two to three months). Therefore, it’s time to stockpile enough to last until the next price drop. But how can you figure out what good stock-up prices are, without constantly patrolling your grocery store and taking notes?


Thankfully, many coupon bloggers offer up their organizational tools  — for free! Laurie, at Passionate Penny Pincher, provides a helpful list of good prices for kitchen staples. Refer to this list at home when you’re going through your weekly flyers and creating your shopping list, and print a copy to bring to the store, too, in case you encounter an unadvertised special. Stores will make any sale look good, but websites like Laurie’s will let you know if it’s actually a good deal.


Heather at Passion for Savings has posted a price list and worksheets that can be printed and downloaded for free as well. One worksheet includes the prices she follows, and the other has a blank list if you want to fill in your own.


Still not sure if couponing is worth your time? Business Insider just published a list of 21 commonly purchased items, comparing their prices in 2002 and 2012. By couponing, we can meet or beat those prices, even from 10 years ago! So using these tools to build your stockpile will help you sidestep inflation — and that’s pretty worth it to me!




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