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How to Coupon: Magazines Can Be Good Sources for Coupons

how to coupon


Coupon experts know that the best coupons are found in newspaper inserts. Next best are online printables, although they’re often for a lesser face value than their newspaper counterparts (and you’ve got to supply your own printer paper and ink). There’s a third source out there though … one that I’ve never posted about: magazines.


All You magazine, available via subscription or at Walmart, is generally considered by coupon gurus to be the best magazine for coupons — its glossy pages are full of high-value coupons, ripe for the clipping. Additionally, you can often score a subscription to it at a discount: there’s such a deal running right now that the gals at FabuLESSly Frugal just alerted me to.


But as other magazines have acknowledged the continued interest in coupons, publishers have been including coupons more and more. Food magazines, such as Food Network or Eating Well, and magazines traditionally aimed at women, such as Good Housekeeping and Redbook, are all likely to have a good number of product coupons tucked in between their articles. Magazines targeted at special interests are also a great source for coupons for products that might appeal specifically to that audience. Think meat substitute coupons in Vegetarian Times, for example.


Here are some tips and ideas to keep in mind when sourcing magazine coupons:


• Coupon value and expiration dates usually vary between subscriber copies and newsstand copies of the same magazine.


• Browse magazines while in waiting rooms; ask office staff if you can clip.


• Create a magazine trading space at work.


• Search coupon databases, such as this one, for specific products. If you consistently see coupons for something you use in the same publication, consider subscribing.




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