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How To Coupon: Five Ways to Score Free Stuff

how to coupon


September is National Coupon Month! This observance was created in 1998 to bring awareness to coupon usage, and businesses often hold shopping events to mark the occasion.


Here at Recipe.com, I’m celebrating with Free Fridays! Each week I’ll share strategies to get things for free — including free stuff to help you become a better couponer, so you can get even more things for free (pretty trippy, huh?).


So first up: Five Ways to Score Free Products!


While you’re probably not going to fill your entire cart with free products, it’s easy to score small quantities of stuff. Many savings experts have written about this, and I’ve culled the five most effective tips.



1. Save coupons for sales

Combining coupons with sales is a surefire way to save more. Even better? Try to use both a manufacturer’s coupon and a store coupon on top of the sale price, which can drive your cost down to zero. Virtually all major stores allow and encourage this — they want you in their doors!



2. Check quantities

Sometimes, smaller is better. I had coupons that enabled me to get individual protein bars for free — but if I had applied them towards a box of six bars, I would have had to fork over cash.



3. Keep store “cash” rolling forward

Many stores have rewards programs that give you store “cash” (Extra Bucks, Register Rewards, etc.) when you buy certain items. Use these store bucks to buy products that generate more store bucks, to keep that same money rolling forward.



4. Sign up for free samples

Many companies offer free samples via Facebook or websites. Following a few coupon bloggers can also alert you to free giveaways. If you’re worried about spam emails, create an email address to use solely for these offers.



5. Ask!

When my twins were babies, I emailed diaper companies and said, “Help!” I was rewarded with samples as well as fat envelopes full of high-face-value coupons.




Shop smart and save! Check out more tips on couponing and savvy shopping!



6 Responses to “How To Coupon: Five Ways to Score Free Stuff”

  • Cheryl Griffith says:

    Gas stations in town save for me the sunday papers that didn’t sell -so ige lots of coupons i get every vlearance deal & every good sale deal i can .I get things free & really cheap in spring i have a couple garage sales – customers save & i make money plus i ever run out of anything. I have been doing this probably 10 years .I make my hobby of couponing pay for what we use .

  • Melissa says:

    If you go to a grocery store that still cuts their own meat ask the butcher to cut you a fresh steak even if there are plenty available. He appreciates being asked and will usually cut it any way you want and he will pick the best one. Less fat, twice as thick or whatever.

  • Patricia Schenck says:

    I print a lot of coupons off of the internet
    and several of the grocery stores will
    not accept internet coupons???? The
    couple of stores that do their prices are
    higher, including their sales. What is the
    problem with them not accepting these

    • Rachel Achmad says:

      Patricia, check back next Friday when I’ll tell you about the best sites online for coupons. Some stores do not accept Internet coupons for various reasons: inconvenience, worry about coupon fraud, etc. Most major chains do, though. Your best bet with any store is to make sure you know their coupon policy before you shop. Most coupon policies can be found online; if not, ask your store for a copy of theirs. Thanks for reading!

  • Patricia Schenck says:

    I print a lot of coupons off of the internet

  • china maybell says:

    I go into the Grocery store and if an item I plan to purchase expires on the date I’m purchasing I ask if it can be marked down.. especially in the meat dept. It usually gets marked to half price and then I buy extra and freeze them for use when I need them. today it was ground beef tube pks. that sell for $6.99, Well the sell by date was sept.7 which is today and it was marked down after I asked the Meat dept. manager .. to $3.50. good deal. I purchased 4 tubes. to use for tacos..

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