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How To Coupon: Can You Beat Getting It for Free? You Bet!


how to coupon


Stores are always experimenting with different types of sales and incentives to get us in their doors. Lately, I’ve noticed “combination deals” everywhere — you know, buy one item and get a related item for free. This week: buy corned beef, and get the cabbage free!


You can’t beat scoring something for free … or can you? What you might not know is that oftentimes you can still use a coupon on the item you’re getting for free. Stores will simply take the amount of the coupon off the total cost of your order. So far, I’ve found this to hold true even at stores that generally don’t do overage. (“Overage” is when the face value of the a coupon is more than the item’s cost; stores that “do overage” apply the excess coupon value toward your order total.)


My store recently had a combination deal that was “buy two boxes of pasta and get a free jar of sauce.” My coupon on the sauce was still accepted — I did purchase it, after all. Once scanned, my order total dropped by the amount of the coupon. Cha-ching!


So, even if a store tells you they don’t do overage, when you spot a combination deal, you should still use any coupons you may have for the item you’re getting for free.




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2 Responses to “How To Coupon: Can You Beat Getting It for Free? You Bet!”

  • Ann says:

    Thanks for this article. I had no idea you could submit a coupon for the ‘free’ item and the store would accept it. I will give that a try this week at my local store and see if they do this. If they don’t, we have two other grocery stores where I shop occasionally and will give it a try there.

  • please send me coupons by mail if you can 908 king st. houston,tx 77022n please.

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