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How to Coupon: Black Friday

black friday grocery savings


For most people, Black Friday weekend means waiting in line for cheap electronics; I’ll be at the grocery stores instead. Unlike retail shops, grocery stores aren’t that crowded right after Thanksgiving, and many marked-down items will work at your holiday table — discard Thanksgiving-specific packaging and rearrange things using your own plates or tins!


Before heading out, though, it’s crucial that you check the Black Friday coupon and savings policies for your stores. Many stores change or suspend normal policies during this weekend. For example, Target normally price-matches for 14 days after your purchase. This means that if you buy cereal from Target for $4.49, and the next day it goes on sale for $2.50, you can return to Target with your receipt and they will reimburse you the $1.99 difference. Target does not, however, do this for their Black Friday sale items, so don’t waste time standing in line at the customer service desk.


If you do brave retail shops, you might encounter grocery items, too. Stores like Marshall’s and TJMaxx always have packaged food items in their kitchen sections, but if you see something you have a manufacturer’s coupon for, don’t get too excited. Most of these retailers do not accept coupons. Again, always check the store coupon policy ahead of time to save yourself frustration at the register.



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