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How To Coupon: April Deals!

how to coupon


Here’s what’s blowing in on brisk March winds … lots of great April sales!


Sales on Easter foods are already in full swing and will continue. Look for good prices on ham, baking supplies, eggs, egg-coloring kits, and Easter candies and gifts. But don’t settle for just the sale price. You can find coupons — either online or in your local inserts — to combine with sales on Easter candy and baking supplies for even bigger savings. Some Passover foods will be on sale, too, but coupons are not usually widely available.


Don’t forget that even before Easter Sunday most Easter candy will already be on clearance. You can often coupon on Easter-specific items even if the coupon is not for the Easter version of the item. A coupon for Hershey’s Kisses will usually work on any bag, so if the Kisses are the Easter kisses marked down, you can get them for next to nothing. (I tried this last month and got bags of Valentine’s M&M’s for free. February 14 was long gone, but my kids were still thrilled when I surprised them with the treats during a long car trip.) You can also score great deals on decorations and baskets just after the holiday. If the baskets aren’t over-the-top with the Easter theme, you can even use them right around the corner as gift baskets for Mother’s Day, baby showers and end-of-the-year teacher gifts.


Later in the month, stores will observe Earth Day by offering sales on organic items, green household products and energy-saver bulbs and appliances. You might see some coupons in newspaper inserts for this stuff, but also check on manufacturers’ websites for printable coupons.




Shop smart and save! Check out more tips on couponing and savvy shopping!




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  • Mary says:

    Thanks for the tips- it’s good to know that baking supplies are on sale at Easter too, and not just Christmas. Butter is $1.99 a lb at Big Y this week with a silver coin- fabulous deal!!

    • Rachel Achmad says:

      Thanks Mary! Yes I went to Big Y yesterday to snag some of that butter – I am loyal to Cabot butter in my baking so it’s great when it’s so cheap! I also should have included in this post that many refrigerated baked goods (Pillsbury pie crusts, etc) are on sale now too – again, for Easter.

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