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Homemade Pizza: So Good Any Way You Slice It

There’s an unwritten rule that you can’t have a slumber party without pizza. Or a game night. Or a post-game celebration. In fact, pizza is such an essential part of so many celebrations, get-togethers and even casual weekends, that we’re considering nominating it for the title of America’s official food.


For each of these occasions, there’s always the option of ordering pizza, but why do that when you can make your own fresh, flavorful pizza at home? Not only is homemade pizza tastier than frozen or take-out, but you can make it exactly how you want it, with whatever traditional or exotic toppings you choose.


To spark your imagination, we’ve got a variety of pizza recipes for you to try. For starters, we’re giving you a recipe to make your own pizza dough (because after all, good dough is key to good pizza — and making your own dough is easier than you think). We’ve also got some fun and delicious recipes for everything from classic pizza Margherita to a shrimp stir-fry grilled pizza.


In fact, these recipes are so good that even if you can’t come up with an “official” reason for pizza, you’re sure to have a celebration as soon as everyone round the table takes their first bite!




pizza recipesIt’s easy as pie!

Explore all our homemade pizza recipes!

















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