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10 Easy Holiday Recipes for Stress-Free Christmas Parties

This year, I’m getting the holiday entertaining tasks done early, by which all I mean is I’m writing this column, full of easy recipes for a bang-up Christmas party. Even my own, I hope. In my non-writing life, sadly, I don’t get paid to meet deadlines. If only I did! I’d be waaaaaay more punctual with the 9,000 other holiday chores breathing down my neck if I  simple got a paycheck to perform each one. With the baking and wrapping and shopping and tree-ing all taken care of, I’d be able to relax when company came over. I’d loll on the sofa, champagne flute in hand and a square of smoked salmon on my knee (well, on a plate, too) — secure in the knowledge that for once, dammit, I was a perfect hostess.


I have no illusions about what lies in wait for me this month. There will be friends coming over for some kind of “function,” whether it’s a block party or a potluck or — it could happen! — a white-tie formal dinner. There will be family staying at my house and expecting to be fed for meal after meal after meal after meal after meal, and no matter how much they help, I’m still the one who has to be in charge. Oh, it makes me sick to think of it.


Which is crazy, because long ago I made one ironclad rule about the holidays: Mom is not allowed to sacrifice herself for the joy of others. She has to have as much fun as everyone else.


For the most part, I follow the rule. It’s only in the entertainment arena that I fall on my face. But this year is going to be different. Because this year I have access to the following party recipes, and they pretty much guarantee that feeding friends and family will be easy and martyr-free. A couple of them could even double as holiday gifts for friends. So let’s crack open the champagne right now!




10 Easy Holiday Recipes for Stress-Free Christmas PartiesWait until you try the world’s most amazing recipe for triple-shot eggnog!
















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