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Eat Healthy, Eat Happy: 12 Fit & Flavorful Healthy Recipes

Healthy and delicious is what everybody wants to eat these days. Why not? There’s no reason food that’s good for you can’t taste good, too.


But what is healthy these days? Let’s start with the Atkins Diet—officially the Atkins Nutritional Approach—which is a low-carb system for keeping pounds off. This diet caught the country by storm after the publication of Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution in 1972, and it’s been going strong ever since. We’ve got a sampling of recipes here that proves once and for all how good a “diet” can be.


Forget rice cakes—what about some juicy crab cakes instead? Or a coconut layer cake? Oh, but don’t forget those rich chocolate slushies. Who knew watching what you eat could be so, well, delicious?


But we didn’t stop with Atkins. Check out our recipes for low-cholesterol vegetables; a healthy Polynesian stir-fry; low-fat chicken salad, and a sneakily good-for-you pasta. And that’s just the beginning. With our custom search tools, makes it easy to find recipes that are as fit as they are fabulous.



atkins recipesFrom low-carb dinners to low-cal desserts, we’ve got hundreds of recipes for healthy eating!












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