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Mac and Cheese That’s Good for You?

mac and cheese

courtesy of Kristin Porter

It was finally cold and blustery enough the other evening to build the first, crackling fire of the season in our fireplace. My husband stoked the flames, while I helpfully suggested where to move the logs for maximum flame height and heat distribution.


I’m thanking that warm and cozy night for the comfort food kick I’ve been on lately. I can’t seem to get enough thick chilies, meaty lasagnas and homey crock-pot meals. My husband isn’t complaining.


Without a doubt, classic Macaroni & Cheese tops the list as my favorite comfort food to indulge in. I fondly remember the American cheese-laced, baked mac & cheese my Mom served weekly during the harsh, freezing cold winters in Iowa growing up.


My dad would dig in first, getting the coveted crusty top, then the rest of the family would dig into the rich and cheesy center. There was nothing better.


Fast-forward many years later and now I love to serve that same ultra-comforting dish to my family – just in a little healthier way.


“Healthified” Macaroni & Cheese packs all the rich and satisfying flavors of the classic comfort food into a more diet-friendly dish that doesn’t sacrifice on decadence or flavor. All the ingredients in the recipe are fridge and pantry staples, which means no extra trips to the store to pull off dinner. Bonus: it’ll be on the table in under 45 minutes, which is perfect for a busy weeknight when you’re craving something special, but have a million other things to do.


Try this easy, cheesy, oh-so satisfying recipe for “Healthified” Macaroni & Cheese yourself!


Want to go for traditional (full-fat) version instead?

Classic Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Four-Cheese Classic Mac

Slow-Cooker Mac and Cheese


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