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Healthy Kids’ Lunch: Tree Quesadilla

Kid-Friendly Lunch with Tree Quesadilla

courtesy of Kellie Strickland

It’s been unusually warm where I live. The trees have been tricked into thinking it’s spring and are already starting to blossom, which inspired this adorable healthy-lunch idea.

With a tree made from a spinach tortilla and cheese (with a pretzel rod for its trunk), and two frisky little bunnies with tomato faces, cheesy eyes and tails, and carrot ears and nose, this kids’ recipe brings the outdoors in.

Perfect for little fingers!


And perfect for me







What You’ll Need:
spinach tortilla
shredded cheese
string cheese
pretzel rod
2 cherry tomoatoes
3 baby carrots


To Make Tree and Bunnies:

Slice the string cheese into circles. Cut tiny triangles out of 5 circles to create flowers. Fold the spinach tortilla in half, and cut a circle out by hand.


Warm a skillet over medium heat. Lay one circle-shaped tortilla in the skillet. Sprinkle the shredded cheese on top of the tortilla. Lay second circle-shaped tortilla on top of the cheese. Let the bottom brown and then flip it over when cheese is almost melted.


On top of tortilla, create flowers with cheese triangles. For each flower, place 2 cheese triangles diagonally on top of each other. Place a lid over the quesadilla to let the flowers melt while browning the other side. Once cheese is completely melted, put quesadilla on a plate.


Break the pretzel rod in half and put in place, as shown, for the tree trunk. Place cherry tomatoes on the plate. Use tiny string-cheese triangles for the eyes. Cut a string-cheese circle in half for the tails. Cut 2 baby carrots in half diagonally for the ears. Cut the ends off the other baby carrot for the noses.


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