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New Year’s Trivia Challenge: Test Your Healthy Eating Smarts

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So 2013 is a couple weeks old now, and how are you doing with those New Year’s resolutions — still going strong, or are you waffling a bit?


According to experts, four out of five New Year’s resolutions eventually get broken; a full third of them don’t make it until the end of January. That’s typically because people like to make big resolutions (no doubt fueled to over-confidence by all that Champagne on New Year’s Eve). We resolve to “lose weight” or “eat healthier,” but without specific goals attached, those resolutions quickly fall by the wayside.


What does it mean to “eat healthier” anyway? All this month here at, we’ve been giving you an easy New Year’s resolution each day, the sort of healthy tips that are simple to incorporate into your everyday routine (click here to see all our easy New Year’s resolutions to date).


And we’ve put together this New Year’s trivia challenge that’s all about healthy eating. (Quick: which has more calories, a McDonald’s cheeseburger or one from Applebee’s?) It’s a surefire way to test your healthy eating smarts — and to help get you motivated again to keep your resolutions not just through January, but through 2013 (and beyond!)










Don’t lose your resolve!

Explore all our healthy meal recipes!



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