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Easy New Year’s Resolutions: Dive into Dip!

hummus recipeIf you have a French-onion-dip habit you’d love to shake, trade it in for creamy hummus instead.


Serving for serving, the savory Middle Eastern chickpea-based spread beats traditional fatty dips with its high quotient of protein, fiber, calcium, vitamin C and iron.


Homemade hummus is much lower in fat than store-bought varieties and is a cinch to whip up, requiring little more than canned chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and the option of tahini (sesame paste). Need proof? Just check out our recipe for Easy Hummus with Tahini (pictured, left).


With baby carrots or crunchy pita chips as the hummus-delivery vehicle (instead of high-fat tortilla chips), you’ll have all the satisfaction of dipping, without the sour-cream-induced guilt trip.




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New year, new you!

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