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Haute Dog! Restaurants Give Wieners the Wild Treatment

Hot Dogs: Food NewsThink Joey Chestnut wimped out when he only managed to down 68 dogs at the annual Coney Island hot dog eating contest last week? You might just be a hot dog fanatic.


But, really, what American isn’t? Now, maybe winning the mustard-colored belt isn’t exactly at the top of our summer to-do list, but building a better dog? Now, that sounds like a pretty cool accomplishment to us.


Nation’s Restaurant News reports wieners, as Charlie Sheen might say, are winning. “I think the extraordinary success of the new-age burger chain has caused chains and chefs to reconsider the hot dog and treat it the same way they do the burger, namely, as a carrier for a range of creative, premium toppings,” Nancy Kruse, a menu trend analyst, tells the trade publication.


For the love of Oscar Meyer, even Richard Blais, champ of Top Chef All-Stars, runs a restaurant, called HD1, that serves a hot dog-focused menu, including fancy dogs like a chicken-apple sausage served with crème fraiche, walnuts and grape relish.


If that sounds a bit much, maybe you should go with the Puka Dog, from its namesake Hawaiian restaurant. According to NRN, the Kauai special starts with a Polish sausage, moves onto a garlic-lemon sauce and lilikoi mustard, then gets topped with a fresh fruit relish and ends up being served on French bread with “a hole, or puka, in the center, instead of a traditional hot dog bun.”


And then there are those hipsters in the Northwest, who get a little crazy with the Monster Dog at Seattle Style Hot Dog, where you get a 9-inch dog that’s split and filled with cream cheese, grilled onions, Sriracha sauce, jalapeños, dill relish and spicy brown mustard.


Hey, does the grunge crowd carry around packs of Tums?





Step right up and get your red hot dog recipes here!






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