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Hapifork! Happy Meals! Slimmer You?

Hapifork: Food NewsPlease, Mom! Stop telling me to slow down every time I start to eat. It’s not that I mind, it’s just that, well, now I’ve got Hapifork to bug me all day long — at breakfast, lunch, and dinner — and don’t really need you anymore.


It’s true folks. PC Magazine, fresh from the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, found a gizmo that will “monitor your eating habits and tell you when you might want to take a breather with that pasta dish.”


It works like this: Instead of someone’s big mouth (Honest, Mom, not you!), indicator lights flash on Hapifork when you’re chowing down, says the publication. Sensors in the device even measure how long it took you to eat a meal, as well as how many times you put food in your mouth per minute. Even the intervals between “fork servings.”


Also from the convention center in Vegas, The Verge reports the idea behind Hapifork is that “eating too fast is a cause of weight gain, so a smart fork that slows you down will help you lose weight.”


Coming soon: Spankispoon, the 300-pound utensil that will whoop you if you eat too much ice cream.




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