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Easy Hamburger & Hash Browns: 30-Minute Meal

Easy Skillet Beef and Hash Browns Recipe: 30-Minute MealAnother quick and easy dinner with hamburger? You think you know them all, but until you try this Easy Skillet Beef and Hash Browns (click here for the recipe), you don’t really know quick, easy — or downright delicious.


Yes, this one-dish meal is super-fast to make. But what’s best about this weeknight time-saver is that everything you want is right there in the skillet, from the yummy, golden-hued hash browns to the rich creamy flavor of cheese. A little Worcestershire sauce adds a spark of flavor; some ketchup imparts a nice tomato taste.


But that’s about it! Honestly, this dish has only six ingredients, one being a can of Cream of Celery soup. The other — can you guess? — plain-old water!


So stop searching for the perfect casserole on a busy school night. This Easy Skillet Beef and Hash Browns recipe will save you time — time and again. It’s easy to get on the table and easy to shop for, too. Load up on extra cans of soup, sliced cheese (even keep frozen hamburger and packages of hash browns on hand), and you can throw this dish together any time, in a jiffy.


You know the ketchup’s always handy. And the half cup of water should be no problem at all!




Break the speed record with this Easy Skillet Beef and Hash Browns recipe!






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