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More Holiday Ham Recipes — Fast and Delicious!

more xmas ham recipes

Christmas morning may get all the attention, but Christmas dinner is just as important. And, if you’re a food-fanatic, dinner is actually even more significant than the gift extravaganza.


We all know how fabulous ham is for the holidays (read all about it in How to Make Perfect Christmas Ham — 10 Easy Recipes). Ham is also surprisingly easy to make. So we decided to offer you even more Christmas ham recipes, but this time we picked the fastest of the fast — ham recipes that might convince you to change your Christmas dinner plans right now!


Remember, all you have to do with fully cooked ham, the kind you’re most likely to find at the store, is re-heat it. Options include bone-in ham — as the name implies, the meat is still on the bone, which gives it lots of flavor and more juiciness. The downside? It can be harder to slice. And there is also boneless ham, which is often sold wrapped or canned. (Click for Know Your Ham Label Lingo.)


A great middle-ground between these two varieties is spiral-cut ham. It’s still on the bone, but the meat has been pre-sliced. These hams often come with a glaze packet, but we recommend you fix your own glaze (watch this video to make honey glazed ham from start to finish.) And if you’re only feeding a few, ham steak is a great way to go; sometimes, smaller servings are just what you want. Try this easy Grilled Ham Steaks with Peach Salsa, which is ready in only 25 minutes (or see the recipe below that comes with a sweet-and-spicy rosemary glaze).




Pineapple-Glazed Ham

more xmas ham recipes

Rum, pineapple, and dry mustard are the only ingredients here! Well, plus the ham. Simple is good.




Cranberry-Glazed Ham

more xmas ham recipes

What a great way to incorporate season cranberries into your Christmas dinner. This easy, boneless ham gets added flavor from this tart glaze. If you’re short on time, the ham needs only 30 minutes in the oven.




Fruited Baked Ham

10 xmas ham recipes

Cherry and apricot preserves make this ham look summery but also holiday festive. Think of using something this pretty as the centerpiece of your Christmas dinner table.




Broiled Ham Steak with a Sweet & Spicy Rosemary Glaze

more xmas ham recipes

A few minutes in the broiler are all you need to cook this ham steak. This recipe is perfect if you’re serving a smaller party, such as an intimate Christmas dinner for two. Serve this with a green salad and scalloped potatoes for an elegant, delicious meal.




Holiday Ham with Pecan Molasses Glaze

more xmas ham recipes

Chopped pecans add delicious crunch to a traditional glazed ham. If you’d like a little extra flavor and even more crunch, feel free to toast the pecans before you add them as garnish.




Make one of these 10 easy recipes for perfect Christmas ham!




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