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Ham it Up for Easy Holiday Recipes: Leftover Logic

Ham: Leftover LogicTurkey is so last month. It’s time to think ham, for easy, versatile recipes that will let you sail through the rest of your holiday entertaining. Start with one of these classic recipes — for this Brown Sugar-Glazed Ham (click here for the recipe pictured here) or a sweet and smoky Baked Country Ham (click here for the recipe) — either of which feeds a ton of people and can be served hot or at room temperature as the stunning centerpiece of a festive breakfast, late-morning brunch, or dress-up holiday dinner.


Just make sure to buy a big enough ham (allow two pounds per person) to guarantee leftovers so you can re-purpose them for the great recipes that follow.


Of course, you can make this Brown-Sugar-Glazed Ham or Baked Country Ham on a busy weeknight, for the family. The leftovers will be just as good, and nobody will ever guess they weren’t the remains of a fabulous holiday party.


However you choose to serve your ham, look for one with no additives. (Some supermarkets hams are plumped up with a water solution, and you don’t want that.) Many artisanal hams are now available by mail order. Some are pre-sliced, for easy serving, but I much prefer to bake a ham on the bone. The meat stays juicier while cooking, and you have a bonus bone — another leftover gift — for making hearty winter soup!




Slow Cooker Split Pea Soup

Ham: Leftover Logic

Nothing beats a warming bowl of pea soup, flavored with your spare ham bone, for an easy weeknight supper.




Spicy Red Eye Baked Beans.

Ham: Leftover Logic

Same thing here: A hearty weeknight meal, loaded with that gift-giving flavor from your leftover ham bone.




Individual Ham and Cheese Quiches

Ham: Leftover Logic

Whether you like your ham garnished with fruit or spiced with clove and mustard, be sure to save all those stray bits. Remember, it doesn’t take more than a cupful of chopped leftover meat to perk up these cheddar quiches.




Broccoli and “Chicken” Strata

Ham: Leftover Logic

The ultimate Italian casserole! You will make it with ham, of course. But if you have leftover chicken lying around one day — just looking for a quick and easy recipe to call home — then by all means go for the original version.




Provolone and Ham Melt

Ham: Leftover Logic




I always save some ham slices, for my husband’s favorite sandwich, brightened with fruit and mango chutney.




Ham and Pasta Salad

Ham: Leftover Logic

Here’s an easy recipe for a simple lunch or dinner — especially good if you watching your weight! This dish also looks good on the holiday table, allowing guests who feel stuffed to graze on the lighter side.




Get set for the holidays with these great Christmas holiday ham recipes!






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