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Fun & Easy Halloween Party Snacks

Halloween Party Snack RecipesBoo! Halloween is just around the corner.


Boo hoo. You don’t know what to make. Don’t be afraid.


If the idea of a Halloween party has you crying in your apple cider, simply because you can’t figure out what kind of Halloween party snacks to whip up this year after agreeing last summer — in a moment of parental weakness — to let the kids throw a big bash in the basement (already filled with cobwebs, you remember thinking, so why not?), fear no more. To the rescue: These eight fantastic Halloween recipes, as much fun making as they are, er, goblin down?


We kind of love Haunted House Pot Tarts, which set the scene so nicely — there so easy to make and decorate, and nobody is going to mistake them for Christmas cakes. And what else is there to say about Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun — frosted marshmallows that are sure to be a smash hit, disappearing in record time. Hey, the pun never ends at your Halloween party, not if you make up a big batch of Place Your Bats, sugar cookies, which are sure to fly.


With all these great Halloween party snacks to make, there’s not a ghost of a chance this year’s party won’t be a frightening success. Or that the cobwebs will ever go away downstairs.




Haunted House Pop Tarts

Halloween Snack Recipes

So much fun — so easy to make — and nothing says Halloween quite like these Pop Tart snacks.




Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun

Halloween Snack Recipes

Marshmallows are the key to these treats that the boyz will love as much as the ghouls.




Place Your Bats

Halloween Snack Recipes

It’s a sure bet that these sugar cookies with chocolate will be the perfect bite-size hits.




Frosted Pumpkin Cupcakes

Halloween Snack Recipes

Frosting these cupcakes is part of the fun (that’s right, enlist the kids to help), and no snack is more Halloweeny.




Cheesy Goblin Head

Halloween Snack Recipes

Let’s hear if for taco-flavored cheese spread. These goblins will disappear fast.




Wicked Witch’s Hat

Halloween Snack Recipes

What proud witch wouldn’t sport this colorful spiked hat? The popcorn-based snack is ever better to eat, though.




Jack o’ Lantern Cake

Halloween Snack Recipes

Unlike the real jack o’ lantern glowing on the table, this one doesn’t need candles to make it shine.




Monster Morsels

Halloween Snack Recipes

Get some bread sticks and pumpkin flavoring, and you’re good to go in only 20 minutes!




Don’t freak out! Make these terrific Halloween recipes to scare up some fun!






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