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Halloween Party Drinks — Scare Up Some Fun!

Halloween Drink RecipesHalloween is a showcase for creativity, and clever, tasty Halloween beverages are no exception. If you’re planning a Halloween Party this year, why serve just soda or juice when you can scare up something much more exciting?


Whether your Halloween celebration is kid-friendly or adults-only, we’ve got a ghoulishly good drink that’s sure to add to the fun. From a Green Goblin Punch for the kids to the forbidding Eve’s Black Heart Cocktail that’s strictly for grown-ups, each of these drinks is a tasty and easy way to enjoy Halloween.


We’re also including a recipe for a a delicious Pumpkin Pie Nog that’s perfect for all ages, and can actually be served in a hollowed-0ut pumpkin. That’s just one festive way to serve these drinks; each of them offers plenty of opportunity for creativity when it comes to presentation and serving. (How about using orange and black glasses? Or creating a black witch’s cauldron for the punch?) We can guarantee the drinks are tasty; the rest is up to you. Let your imagination go wild!




Pumpkin Pie Nog

Halloween Drink Recipes

This thick and creamy nog is the perfect way to celebrate the season, and we love the added sweetness from peach or mango puree.




Fruit Drink Spritzer with Wiggle Worm Ice

Halloween Drink Recipes

Kids will love the creepy-crawly garnish of gummy worms in this fun punch, where bright fruit-juice flavors get a kick from the lemon-lime soda.




Green-goblin Punch

Halloween Drink Recipes

Lime gelatin gives this Halloween beverage its distinctive color, while apple juice imparts a sweet flavor. A garnish of black (or red) colored sugar is a spooky finish.




Eve’s Black Heart

Halloween Drink Recipes

Apple brandy and hard apple cider conspire with dark Guinness beer, for a drink as tempting as the original apple in the Garden of Eden but without the consequences — we hope!




Bloody-rimmed Martinis

Halloween Drink Recipes

These cheeky cocktails are a perfect addition to an adults-only Halloween celebration, which, despite their fancy look, only take 10 minutes to prepare.




Ghoul’s Punch

Halloween Drink Recipes

Hot spiced cider is a great way to warm up chilled trick-or-treaters at the end of the evening. Serve it with dry ice to create a “chilling” effect.




Get ghoulish with these fun recipes for Halloween punch!






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