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Halloween Appetizers for Grownup Gobbling (and Goblins)

halloween appetizer recipesHalloween snacks for the kids? Easy-peasy. You’ve got your severed fingers, your candy-corn-dotted rice-cereal treats — Halloween was made for kids. But if you’re like me, and Halloween is Christmas, your birthday, and Mardi Gras all rolled into one, you’re going to keep celebrating it well past the appropriate age, and you might want your party snacks to age accordingly.


In other words, your grownup friends might be okay with one dish of candy corn, but even if it’s homemade, that’s about as far as they’ll be willing to go. You need sophisticated snacks for your classy crowd — tasty, satisfying, autumnal and maybe just a little creepy-funny.


We’ve collected a few dips (that range from the zesty to downright sweet), a couple of party mixes (fond throwbacks to childhood favorites, but updated for a modern crowd), and several wild cards: hilariously themed appetizers that wink at childish snacks, but are devilishly tasty in their own right.




Pumpkin Dip

halloween appetizer recipes
Of course you have to serve this in a pumpkin. Triangle eyes optional.




Cheesy Goblin Head

halloween appetizer recipes
After the first cracker, he’ll look like the victim of a zombie attack: braaains!




Spooky Spread

halloween appetizer recipes
Chopped carrots, nuts and currants make this a seasonal spread with a sweet crunch.




Caramel Corn Party Mix

halloween appetizer recipe
You can’t give popcorn balls out to trick-or-treaters anymore … but they’re as good as you remember!




Candy Corn Crackers

halloween appetizer recipes
Hilarious: All of the colors, none of the sugar coma — it’s even legitimately all-natural!




Snake Eyes

halloween appetizer recipes
Their alarming appearance is only the second most memorable thing about these marscapone-laden tidbits.




Witch’s Hat Calzones

halloween appetizer recipes
Well heck, you can use these any time of year for a Harry Potter party, too.




Hotter Than Hades Steak and Salsa Bites

halloween appetizer recipes
Warm little nuggets of sirloin are just the thing to take the chill off your guests.




Roasted Beet Crostini

halloween appetizer recipes
Root vegetables escape their earthly tombs to create blood-red bruschetta.




Caramel Apples

halloween appetizer recipes
You’re never too old for some treats. Note: This is caramel from scratch, not unwrapped and melted.




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