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Great Ground Beef for Easy Recipes: Leftover Logic

Ground Beef Recipes: Leftover LogicA hamburger casserole always sounds good — hearty, nutritious, easy to make. But during the crisp cool nights of fall, there’s nothing better for dinner.


We love this basic recipe for Meat Loaf Casserole. It’s so fast, with just a few easy ingredients, one of which is ground beef, of course. And that got us thinking: Why not go all the way with the ground beef theme and turn the basic ingredient into another casserole … and another … and another, until … You get the picture.


Fixing up a big batch of ground beef is your key to a few more nights of great meals that won’t keep you in the kitchen all evening. But we’re not talking the same-old same-old here. Yes, our first basic Meat Loaf Casserole is a cinch to throw together. But for the next night, how about putting that leftover ground beef into an Easy Greek Pastitsio? Just for fun. Just because it’s easy, too, with a bottled Alfredo sauce instead of a tricky white sauce.


Don’t stop there: Your ground beef keeps working for you in an Italian Casserole, which is a cinch to freeze, and again in a Mexicali Hamburger Casserole, with salas and corn. One batch of ground beef. Dinner in three different countries. Plus the USA. Yeah, the Meal Loaf Casserole has got to be as American as, well, apple pie.




Meat Loaf Casserole

Ground Beef Recipes: Leftover Logic

First, make this super quick-and-easy meat loaf, but save the extra ground beef for some exotic dinners.




Easy Pastitsio

Ground Beef Recipes: Leftover Logic

Go Greek with your ground beef! Here’s another easy recipe but with an International twist.




Italian Casserole

Ground Beef Recipes: Leftover Logic

Next, it’s time for a trip to Italy, and your ground beef is ready to oblige with a great-tasting cheesy casserole.




Mexicali Hamburger Casserole

Ground Beef Casserole: Leftover Logic

Nobody says “no” to this delicious Mexican dish. Your pre-cooked ground beef is ready to be seriously spiced-up.




Keep weekdays simple with these easy hamburger casserole recipes!






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