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Grilled Vegetables: Leftover Logic

grilled vegetable pasta saladSo you enthusiastically grilled up a massive amount of vegetables at your last cookout, and they weren’t quite as popular as the barbecue chicken, steak, and burgers coming off the flames? We’ve all been there—your intentions were in the right place!—and yet we guarantee it’ll happen again sometime over the summer months. Throwing out food is like throwing money in the garbage, but don’t fret: We’ve got ideas for those grilled bell peppers, onions, eggplants, asparagus, and zucchini that will make them seem new and delicious all over again. In all the suggested recipes below, you can skip the “grilling/cooking” vegetable steps, because you’ve already done it!


Here are a few quick tips on grilling veggies, either for next time around or if you haven’t had your first cookout yet:

• keep in mind your veggies will continue to cook a bit once you remove them from the grill (if you’re stacking them on a platter, they’ll actually steam a bit)

• trying wedges instead of planks allows the vegetable to retain some of its natural texture while still getting grill marks
• you can cook root vegetables like carrots and potatoes on the grill, but it’s best to par-boil them first, so they won’t burn on grill without cooking inside


Now, on to the leftovers…


south of the border

vegetable fajitas

Cut the grilled veggies into pieces, and use them in fajitas (shown here) or burritos.


get a pasta fix

vegetable couscous

Tossed with little extras like balsamic vinegar or chili paste, add some cheese or garbanzo beans, and those veggies go from a side dish to  a main course in minutes, like the vegetable pasta salad (shown at top of article) or the spicy vegetable couscous (shown here).


sandwich smarts

grilled vegetable sandwich

Grilled veggie sandwiches seem fresh and exciting when you use good bread and condiments like olives and goat cheese for added flavor. And now you’ve got a delicious lunch or no-cook dinner.


pizza night

vegetable pizzas

Fast, wholesome, and a crowd-pleaser to boot—you can’t go wrong with pizza! We’ve got two versions to try: neither calls for sauce (the veggies and cheese do the work) but one is on traditional (store-bought) pizza dough and the other on prepared (store-bought) focaccia



turkey and vegetable frittata

Let’s face it, eggs are a busy home cook’s best friend during the week, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner! So chop up those grilled veggies and use them in a frittata with cheese, or a smoked turkey and veggie frittata (any kind of cubed cooked meat will work!)



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