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Great Grilled Vegetables: Expand Your Grilling Horizons

When you think grilling, you probably think steak, burgers, and the only thing that makes chicken breasts interesting. You probably don’t think of grilled vegetables. But vegetables can have a surprising range of flavor when cooked al fresco.


Of course, they’re always fantastic when skewered along with hunks of meat and blackened into drippy perfection — just ask any Armenian grandpa (especially mine, who was a master of the art). But there’s so much more to grilled vegetables. And as the season of outdoor cooking and garden bounty gets into full swing, you’ll want to gather all your options so you can be ready to fire ‘em up (get it?) at a moment’s notice.


We’ve gathered a range of preparations, from one that just requires a moment’s notice (and a little brushing-on of oil) to a day-ahead extravaganza that will wow your dinner-mates with its deep, soaked-in flavors. You can also make use of aluminum foil for steaming or avail yourself of a number of other neat tricks. What does a paper bag have to do with grilling vegetables, anyway? Sounds dangerous, but it’s not — see for yourself!




grilled vegetablesIt’s grilling season! Explore all our great grilling recipes!
















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