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Grilled Miso Shrimp: 30-Minute Meal

grilled shrimp recipesWhat’s not to love about grilled shrimp for dinner? First, grilled shrimp are delicious, period. There’s just something about the way the smoky grill flavor mingles with their delicate sweetness that makes us happy.


Second, they’re fun, and even a bit fancy (but not too fancy). Maybe it’s the fact that they’re seafood, which already feels a bit more posh. Or maybe it’s the skewers that give grilled shrimp their ever-so-slight exotic edge.


Third (and perhaps most important of all), they’re quick. And by quick, we mean — quick! You looking for a 30-minute meal? Try 10-minute meal. Some recipes feel like you slave over them for an hour, then you take the first bite and go, “Eh.” What do we want? Big flavor with little effort. And with this Grilled Miso Shrimp recipe, you’ve got it.


Whatever you do, don’t let the miso (which is the more appetizing way of saying, “fermented soybean paste”) scare you away. It’s key here to making these grilled shrimp really pop. You can find it at Asian grocers, and it keeps in the fridge practically forever (you can use it for all sorts of things, and for the next time you make these shrimp—because trust us, if you like grilled shrimp, there will be a next time!)




Make these Grilled Miso Shrimp!



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