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Glorious Greek Salads (In and Out of the Bowl)

greek salad recipesA Greek vacation probably isn’t in the budget for most of us this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy fresh Mediterranean cuisine right here at home. Greek salad is a delicious way to savor the warm summer months wherever you are (or to imagine yourself dining next to the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea). The classic Greek salad features a few fresh and simple ingredients, but as you’ll see, there are a number of delicious variations on the theme.


We love adding proteins such as grilled chicken or shrimp, and there’s a Greek pasta salad that is both light and filling at the same time. We’ve even got recipes that take Greek salad out of the salad bowl entirely: Greek-Style Quesadillas and Greek Salad Stacks.


As with any salad, the key is fresh and flavorful vegetables, and Greek salads showcase the best of summer with tomatoes, cucumbers and tender lettuce. With the addition of savory olives and sharp feta cheese, you can forget ambrosia — Greek salad might just be the food of the gods.




Classic Greek Salad

greek salad recipes

A combination of crisp vegetables, savory olives and feta cheese are drizzled with a flavorful vinaigrette in this essential Greek salad recipe that shows simple can still be delicious. At less than 20 minutes prep time, this salad is a great addition to any dinner, or a perfect lunch on its own.




Greek Pasta Salad

greek salad recipes

Adding pasta and cannellini beans transforms a side salad into a hearty main dish; adding sweet yellow peppers and mint transforms it into a whole other flavorful dimension — bright, tasty and filling (while still clocking in at under 400 calories).




Grilled Chicken Greek Salad

greek salad recipes

Greek salad dressing becomes a zesty marinade for grilled chicken. As easy to make as it is delicious, we love the addition of creamy cucumber dressing to the dish, which tastes good either with or without the salad greens.




Greek-Style Quesadillas

greek salad recipes

Mexico, meet Greece. Two culinary traditions come together in one easy-to-hold meal. In lieu of shredded cheese, this quesadilla’s use of feta keeps the flavors distinctly Mediterranean, while the whole-wheat tortilla is a nod to old Mexico.




Greek Shrimp Salad

greek salad recipes

A staple of Greek cooking, seafood adds complexity to the traditional Greek salad. While the recipe calls for anchovies, we realize that they’re an acquired taste — you can easily leave them out.




Greek Salad Stacks

greek salad recipes

This recipe moves pita bread from an accompanying role to a main attraction as the basis for a delicious Greek salad sandwich. In addition to such Mediterranean favorites as Kalamata olives and feta cheese, creamy yogurt is another authentic Greek staple showcased in this stack.





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