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Fun Kids Lunch: Snowman Sandwich

Yippee! Winter’s almost here, and this snowman will bring some excitement to your kids lunch. I love snow—donning mittens, building a snowman, then coming inside for hot cocoa and a snack. We don’t have snow here in the south yet, so for now, my kids and I are contenting ourselves with this yummy snowman sandwich.


What You’ll Need:
1 sandwich
3 Tootsie Rolls
1 Starburst (any color)


To Make Snowman Sandwich:
Make any sandwich you like. Use several different sized cups to cut circles out of your sandwich. (I used a vitamin bottle for the smallest circle.) Unwrap a Tootsie Roll, place back on the wrapper, and microwave it for 5–8 seconds until soft — not melted! Mold into a boot. Repeat. Soften third Tootsie Roll the same way. Pinch off pieces and roll into balls for the buttons and eyes, then form a mouth with the rest. Unwrap Starburst and place back on wrapper. Pinch off a small piece and shape it into a triangle for the nose. Stretch the remaining Starburst into a scarf. Arrange on plate and enjoy!


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2 Responses to “Fun Kids Lunch: Snowman Sandwich”

  • :o) mg says:

    Ah.Dorable! Do I microwave the starburst, too? If so, how long?

    • Godfrey J. Gonad says:

      My, what a delightful little delicacy. Why, I do declare! I simply love two all beef patties, but to be perfectly honest, Geoffrey Effrey has done it again!

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