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Spectacularly Easy 4th of July Desserts: Best of the Blogs

easy 4th of July desserts

Mel’s Kitchen

We’ve got a one-word rule when it comes to summer entertaining: easy. Six months from now (can you believe it?), we’ll be as happy as Santa’s elves holed up in the kitchen frosting Christmas cookies, but come the 4th of July, we want to be outside, writing our name in the thick evening air with sparklers like everyone else.


How convenient, then, that summer makes entertaining so easy. Better yet, some distant patriot had the good sense to choose red, white and blue as our national colors. That means by now Mother Nature (bless her heart) has done more than half the work for us, providing a bounty of sweet, delicious strawberries (red), blueberries (blue) and … well, we’ll meet her a third of the way and provide our own white.


Our favorite bloggers here — kindred spirits, all! They know what we’re talking about. From an easy star-spangled trifle to dessert kabobs perfect for your holiday barbeque, these recipes prove you don’t have to exhaust yourself like Paul Revere to come up with a spectacular 4th of July dessert.




4th of July Trifle

easy 4th of july desserts

Fancy Frugal Life


You want fireworks on the 4th of July? Nothing screams holiday showstopper like a trifle — in good part, because they always seems so complicated. But Lina over at Fancy Frugal Life proves it doesn’t have to be so with this festive centerpiece made from plenty of berries, whipped cream and store-bought pound cake!




Patriot Push Pop Cake

easy 4th of july desserts

Love from the Oven


Of course, handheld treats are perfect for the 4th — all the better to mill about the back yard with. Here’s another ingenious way to put that pound cake to good use, courtesy of Love from the Oven.




Brownie (& Fruit) Kebabs

easy 4th of july dessert recipes

Mel’s Kitchen


Brownies? On a stick? With strawberries, blueberries and marshmallows? Yes, please! Mel’s Kitchen whips up a patriot kebab that somehow goes perfectly with the whole 4th-of-July-BBQ theme (but no grilling required).




Frozen Watermelon Pops

easy 4th of July dessert recipes

The Hungry Housewife


Take half a watermelon and cut it using a star-shaped cookie cutter, insert popsicle sticks and freeze. How easy is that? Plus we love The Hungry Housewife’s idea of using the other half of the watermelon to display your super-easy, cool and refreshing “popsicles” in!




Red, White and Blueberry Cheesecake Yogurt Cupcakes

easy 4th of july dessert recipes



SkinnyTaste uses reduced-fat cream cheese, fat-free yogurt and egg whites to come up with these easy, festive pint-sized cheesecakes that taste anything but skinny.




Easy Fourth of July Berry Dessert

easy 4th of July dessert

Thistlewood Farms


Cool Whip and vanilla yogurt come together to make a heavenly fluff for Thistlewood Farms’s easy berry parfait. And you can always use those Mason jars again for a whole range of cool summer refreshments.




Grilled Berry Cobbler with Graham Cracker Topper

easy 4th of july desserts


We couldn’t help but throw a couple of our own favorite recipes in here, too, including this Grilled Berry Cobbler. You’ll probably have the grill fired up already, and this truly is one of those “I can’t believe something this easy could taste this good” desserts.




Confetti Yogurt Pops

easy 4th of july desserts


Why don’t we make more popsicles for the kids (and ourselves)? Seriously, they’re so ridiculously easy. To wit, these Confetti Yogurt Pops. You just mix fresh berries with vanilla yogurt, pour into popsicle molds (or even paper cups), and freeze. If you want to go the extra step for the holiday, dip the pretzel sticks in white chocolate.




Make your own fireworks! Check out more spectacular 4th of July Desserts!



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