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For some, the arrival of spring heralds balmy breezes, brighter sunshine and blooming daffodils. For others, it’s all about … the Peeps.


Yes, we’re talking about the veritable springtime cult of frenzied Peep-lovers for whom the arrival on store shelves of those laconic, near-fluorescent, plump little nuggets of oh-so-cute marshmallow goodness marks the turning of a new season as surely as the vernal equinox prompted ancient pagans into whirling fertility rites. What is it with Peeps? Over-sweet and over-adorable, they’re just so over-the-top as to stand poised on the knife’s edge between loveable and loathsome — which is why we probably love them all the more.


For a few years, the folks over at Serious Eats even devoted a whole week to Peeps, an event that brought us such classics as:





Peep Sushi (“Peepshi”)…


Serious Eats



…Peeps Krispies Treats…


Serious Eats



…and deep-fried Peeps


Serious Eats



This year, contributor Yvonne Ruperti committed a kind of heresy and admitted that she didn’t like Peeps. Sacré bleu! “Sure they’re charming, precious, cute (how can they not be with a name like Peeps?), but I’ve never much liked eating them,” she writes. “Too plain, too sweet. They were always the last thing left in my Easter basket.” Odd, perhaps, for someone who doesn’t like Peeps, she devoted herself to the task of creating a version of homemade chocolate Peeps, which do, we admit, look delicious.


Serious Eats



For those foodies who secretly love the tawdry allure of those pint-sized treacles, nestled behind their cellophane wrapper—well, we have a surprise. A few bloggers out there have found a way to have their Peeps and maintain their dignity. To wit, the folks over at Better Recipes’ Daily Dish have created these scrumptious Easter cupcakes topped with candy nests over which a flock of Peeps keep vigilant watch:


Better Recipes



Likewise, Bake at 350 has come up with these elegant candy “Peeps” nests (made from — can you believe it!? — chow mein noodles and marshmallows).


Bake at 350



And perhaps there’s nothing quite so elegant as dressing your Peeps up in chocolate tuxedos (ala Cheeky Kitchen):

Cheeky Kitchen



If you’re a novice to the whole Peep subculture, then you might be surprised to learn that there’s a subculture within the subculture (oh, how it just boggles the mind). Yes, we’re talking about the seemingly twisted folks who look upon those blank little sugary eyes staring back with so much sweet innocence and feel nothing but the anticipation of satisfying their own sadistic impulses. That’s right, there are souls out there who love nothing more than smashing Peeps, stretching Peeps, microwaving Peeps and, most twistedly delicious of all, melting Peeps into a puddle of neon goo.



For example, Baked Bree gives us…


Peep S’mores


Baked Bree



While A Fridge Full of Food gives us perhaps the ultimate Peep-tastic centerpiece for your Easter table:


Sweet Potato and Roasted Peep Casserole!


A Fridge Full of Food





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6 Responses to “For the Love of Peeps! — Best of the Web”

  • Eric says:

    Wonderful capturing feelings in these!

  • news feed says:

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  • Shelly says:

    And I thought I loved peeps!?!?

  • Susan Porter says:

    You have neglected the Peep subculture that likes to use them to create different scenes. Two that I can think of right off the bat is the Star Trek “Trouble with Tribbles” episode and another scene with Peep bunnies pole dancing.

  • allie says:

    In our family we do PEEP WARS..everyone picks a color, insert a toothpick into each peep and then by two’s we microwave them in a ‘jousting’ position..loser gets stabbed and deflates and u eat the mush quickly:) winner wins the most matches! The kids learned this from their aunt and just love it.

  • Loved the Peeps info. My favorite is to toast them like a marshmallow on a bamboo stick (over my gas stove, no less!). Yum.

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