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2013′s Top Food Trends: Italian, Chicken, Hybrid Restaurants & More

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We made it past the Mayan apocalypse, avoided that dreaded fiscal cliff, and now yesterday’s hangover is (finally!) yesterday’s news.


It’s time to eat like it’s 2013.


Food & Wine’s Kate Krader reports there’s a whole new menu of restaurant trends to choose from in this new year, and even though we’re putting eggnog and Champagne in the rear view mirror for the next several months, we’re ready to dig in.


It may sound boring, but chicken is predicted to be showcased at eateries nationwide, she writes, noting the rotisserie bird served with sauces at Atlanta’s Bantam + Biddy or the fried chicken sandwiches sold at Chicago’s Leghorn.


This year will also bring restaurants within restaurants, with different menus for each area, according to Krader. Example: the Tiara Café in Los Angeles is Italian by day and pan-Asian at night, when it turns into the Starry Kitchen.


Speaking of Italian, Krader reports new takes on the cuisine are cropping up when it comes to everything from salads to pizzas to pastas, while creative seafood dishes are also making their way onto menus.


And those bar menus filled with greasy nachos or questionable mozzarella sticks? Kiss ‘em goodbye. According to Krader, pub grub is getting all grown up. Exhibit A: Ming Tsai’s Blue Dragon in Boston will serve “sloppy joe sliders infused with hoisin and ginger for $1.”


Is it too soon after New Year’s Eve to arrange a happy hour outing?




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