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Celebrate New Year’s with the Weirdest Vodkas of 2012

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Georgi Vodka

Now that Christmas is in our rear-view mirror, New Year’s Eve gets our full attention, and that means one thing: Cocktail. Parties.


Champagne, of course, is a no-brainer for that midnight toast, but for pre-countdown drinks, we’re thinking of sampling some of the stranger vodkas released in 2012.


The Daily Meal recently listed the most bizarre flavors of the year — and, well, let’s just say it would make for one interesting tasting party.


There were the vodkas for breakfast: 360 Vodka’s glazed donut flavor, Georgi’s waffle-flavored vodka and Loopy, a cereal-flavored version from Three Olives.


There was also a vodka for meals: Van Gogh’s PB&J. (Why, yes, we’ll drink our lunch today!)


And there was even a vodka for dessert: A pumpkin-pie flavor from Pinnacle Vodka.


Wait, though — those aren’t even the weirdest flavors. Daredevil drinkers will no doubt want to sample the aptly named ODDKA’s fresh-cut grass, electricity or wasabi flavored vodkas. You can also turn up the heat with Scovilles Naga Chilli Vodka, which according to The Daily Meal is infused with the Naga Jolokia chile, reportedly stronger than pepper spray.


On second thought, maybe an all-champagne New Year’s party will do just fine. We’d prefer to ring in the new year without a trip to the emergency room. But that’s just us.




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