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8 Dramatic Christmas Cakes to Wow Your Holiday Guests

Why not dazzle your holiday guests this year with a dramatic (and delicious) Christmas cake? After all, the holidays are a time to splurge—fueled by your holiday cheer (not to mention all those peppy Christmas tunes), what other time of year are you going to have the urge to tackle a towering spice cake recipe, or to transform ordinary Tootsie Rolls into chocolate “ribbons” to decorate a pile of pretty, sweet present-shaped cakes? (Plus, it’d be pretty weird to serve up a traditional yule log in June.)


You’ve already decorated to the nines, what with the garland, glittering Christmas tree, and a yard full of twinkling lights. So when the presents are wrapped and the Christmas dinner has been planned, get out the mixer for one more go and whip up one of these over-the-top Christmas cake centerpieces. They’re the coup de grace of your Christmas table. From whimsical to elegant, you’re bound to get a gold star from Santa for these.




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