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Eating Healthy High on 2013 Wish Lists

2013 Food Resolutions: Food NewsIt’s New Year’s Eve. We hereby resolve to eat our weight in fondue and drink ourselves silly as we usher in 2013. But tomorrow? We’ll join our fellow Americans in eating healthy meals forever.


We are not alone: BusinessNewsDaily reports that a new survey (from social science researchers at the Values Institute at DGWB) finds the biggest health trends for next year include being conscious of food waste, workplace wellness, snacking and the eating of mini-meals, veganism, and gluten-free diets.


According to the website, 39 percent of us are harboring guilt when it comes to wasting food, so expect to see more composting and food recycling in 2013. (Even Starbucks can turn coffee grounds into laundry soap. Who knew?)


Now, about all that snacking. BusinessNewsDaily finds that more employee discounts on gym memberships and workplace diet plans  — think company Weight Watchers meetings — will crop up next year at the office, which should help work off all the extra pounds.


Just don’t reach for the beef jerky — or the wheat bread. Veganism is on the rise, and foods like quinoa, as well as Asian and Indian dishes, are being added to restaurant menus. Gluten-free fare marks a clear trend.


Good thing we still have a few hours left. The gluten-free beer can hold off until tomorrow. Happy New Year!




Start off the new year right with these great recipes for healthy meals!






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