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Eat Your Perfume? New Candy Promises a New Eau

perfume candy

Deo Perfume Candy

If you can wear perfume that smells like candy, why shouldn’t you be able to eat candy that makes you smell like perfume?


Deo Perfume Candy, a new line of treats said to give you a sweet scent from the inside out, is already being sold stateside (on Amazon) for $10 for a 3.2-ounce bag, reports The Guardian in London. (And you thought Chanel was pricey.)


According to the company’s website, the candy, also available in sugar-free form, contains geraniol, the major component of rose oil, “a natural antioxidant frequently used in perfumes and flavorings.”


For a 145-pound person, four pieces of candy should be enough to allow the geraniol to seep out through your skin for up to six hours, The Guardian reports, working in a way similar to garlic.


Is eating your beauty treatments, or — excuse us while we gag — deodorants, a trend? According to the newspaper, Japan’s short-lived Otoko Kaoru chewing gum used geraniol to offer a “man scent.” (That’s the translation. Gagging again.) Borba’s Skin Balance Gummi Bears are supposed to taste great and make your skin prettier. And a few drops of the berry-flavored IO Booster is said to protect and rejuvenate your complexion.


Don’t we get enough to eat, already? Are we really such multitaskers that we must pop a candy, rather than take two seconds to spritz on a little perfume or lotion? At any rate, the Deo perfume candies are set to hit U.K. stores before Valentine’s Day. Guess you can take care of the candy and the perfume in one easy step, huh?




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