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Easter Kids Dinner: Hoppin’ Ham Bunny

I’ve got bunnies on the brain — must be because Easter is right around the corner! This simple yet festive dinner was brought to you by leftovers. I know, I know—kids hate leftovers, right? But when you present them in an irresistible way, what’s not to love? My girls got their own bunny dinner last night, and their squeals of joy brought a smile to my face! Take that leftovers!


What You’ll Need:
ham (your favorite recipe)
mac-n-cheese (your favorite recipe)
green beans
1 olive
2 grapes
1 blueberry
1 cauliflower floret


To Make Hoppin’ Ham Bunny Dinner:
Spoon out the mac-and-cheese and arrange at the bottom of the plate. Cut a rectangle and 2 bunny-ear-shaped pieces of ham and put in place. Arrange green beans for the grass. Cut 2 small pieces of green beans for the eyes and put in place. Slice the olive in half and use one half for the nose. Arrange cauliflower floret as the fluffy tail. Slice the grape into five thin slices and arrange into a flower, using a green bean for the flower stem. Place blueberry in the middle of the grapes to complete the flower.




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3 Responses to “Easter Kids Dinner: Hoppin’ Ham Bunny”

  • Pia Karpin says:

    I’m not sure if my subscription info came through to you nor am I clear how to pay the $5.00.
    Thanks this is usually a excellent idea if I can connect! Judy

  • Bette McFarren says:

    Thanks for the Hoppin’ ham bunny dinner. My grandkids are coming for Easter and will love this! Cheers and happy Easter.

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