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Glaze On: 10 Sweet and Savory Easter Ham Recipes




Many families have traditions when it comes to the Easter meal. Some opt for a roasted leg of lamb, others a braised beef brisket. But when it comes to ease of preparation and flavor, you really can’t do much better than ham. Since hams are cooked or cured when you buy them, you’re essentially roasting them to bring out the flavors that are already present in the meat, which gives you plenty of room to get creative.


A good ham is rich and salty, and addictive combination that works well with a variety of other flavors. Sweetness is welcome, which is why you see many glazes incorporating honey, brown sugar, or maple syrup. Fruits — especially sweet, golden pineapple — also pair beautifully with ham by countering those salty notes. When you apply a glaze, be sure to score the ham first. Taking the time to create those diamond-shaped cuts in the meat ensures the flavors your adding will permeate the whole ham and not just the exterior.



easter ham recipes

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  • Bennett says:

    Quite superior internet site thank you so much for the time in writing the posts for all of us to learn about.

  • Aracely Mathen says:

    Chinese dry-cured hams have been recorded in texts since before the Song dynasty and used in myriad dishes. Several types exist in Qing dynasty cuisine and are used in dishes of stewing hams.

  • celeste says:

    cannot print recipes. Have to write them out.

  • Kay says:

    @ jessie: I found that if you wait for the ham picture that goes with the recipe you want to view, then click on the pic – the recipe will come up. Took some trial and error, but I think I finally was able to check most of them out.

  • jessie says:

    send me the recipes

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